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Hashnode Technical Writing Bootcamp Experience

Hashnode Technical Writing Bootcamp Experience

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Sabarish Rajamohan

Published on Oct 10, 2020

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The following article is my experience and learnings from the Technical Writing Bootcamp arranged by the folks at Hashnode.

I started tech blogging not so long ago on Hashnode and I got the chance to attend the Technical Writing Bootcamp. It was a really great experience. I got to meet some terrific authors who provide great tips and advice on a beginner level. All the authors who gave sessions made it in an easy and understandable way. The way they explained as to how they started out initially, the challenges they faced while writing and how they found a solution to it really helped me with setting my expectations while starting out.

This opportunity helped me gain a lot of stuff I actually didn't know about. I have prepared a brief list of items in no specific order.

  • How to brand your blog
  • How to improve your writing skills
  • How to write consistently
  • SEO and visibility
  • Finding new topics to write about
  • How to promote your blogs
  • Importance of knowing your audience
  • Why blogging can help us improve ourselves as a developer

And much much more....

The above-mentioned stuff is just a gist of what I was able to learn through the Bootcamp. As a beginner to blogging, it really gave me an idea as to how to shape my blog through the process as well. Thanks to sessions from Catalin Pit, Omotola Shogunle, Tapas Adhikary, Victoria Lo and the entire Hashnode team for arranging and providing this opportunity.

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